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Our Thrift Store

We carry a wide assortment of reasonably priced items. Most are 'gently used' but some are brand new!

Proceeds from sale of thrift store items supports the work of the food bank covering the cost of normal operations and the purchase of any food items that we might be running short on. Ten percent of sales are placed in a benevolent account which is used to support area families facing crisis situations such as the loss of their home due to fire. It is also used to provide financial relief and support for payment of essential utilities. Funds are sent directly to creditors and support is accessed through an application process where the need is assessed. Support is available and provided according to funds available in our benevolent account.

Have something to donate?

We are more than glad to receive clean and gently used items. We appreciate the understanding of donors and ask that items only be dropped off during business hours. Too often, people leave items outside operating hours and they are damaged beyond use by bad weather leaving us with the expense of discarding a donation that was intended to help the food bank raise funds.

If necessary, we also offer pick-up of donations by appointment. This has to be arranged around availability of our volunteers and our food bank delivery schedule.

If you want to donate a larger item, please call ahead to ensure that we have room. We don't like to turn people away after they have made the trip, but unfortunately we have limited space available. At times, we are more than willing to take your item if you are willing to hold it for a few days while we make room. You can take the chance that we might have space, but again, we hate to turn away and upset someone who wants to support the work of the food bank.

We also keep a list of people who are looking for specific items and we can often arrange to have the item sold almost as quickly as it arrives. 

Our Service Area

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